BYMB: Ch. 01 – because of you i’m not wavering right now

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Seseorang pernah mengatakan padanya, vampir yang tidak memiliki hati tidak memiliki sihir.

Mungkin perkataan itu ada benarnya.

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Gender Identity Crisis, Stuck in the History, and Endangered by Royal Families’ Schemes: What’s So Interesting About Korean Drama “Mr. Queen”

Blue House chef, Jang Bong-hwan, believes that there is no one more powerful than him in Korea. After all, he is the one who decides what food will be consumed by important political members of South Korea. His arrogant attitude invites hostile intention from other people around him. They then come up with a plan which results in Bong-hwan’s coma after a police chase.

When he wakes up though, instead of in a hospital, he finds himself in a chamber of a Joseon Dynasty’s crown princess, Kim So-young (later known as Queen Cheorin) from the Kim Clan. Now, not only puzzled by his changing sex and historical events surrounding him, Bong-hwan also faces the danger of opposite clan who wants him (her) to let go of his (hm, her) status as crown princess and soon-to-be-queen of Joseon Dynasty. As the icing on the cake, it seems that her own fiance, King Cheoljong, does not hold any affection for her and instead wants her dead.

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Onward: Resurrecting Lost Dreams, Having Courage, and Treasuring What You’ve Already Got

For Ian, his older brother is uncool, his mother’s boyfriend is even less cool, and he himself is the least cool of all. Ian wants to be like his father, who was brave, funny, and courageous. So he is determined to cross off his list of dreams: to talk more, to learn how to drive, to invite his friends to his birthday party, and to be more like his dad. Unfortunately, his plan fell through. He came home from school feeling dejected, until his mother showed him and his brother a present from their late father: a magic wand.

Apparently, Ian’s father had been a magician and he left his children a last gift: a spell that could summon him back from dead just for one day. Now Ian and his brother, Barley, decides to embark on a journey to search for the final touch to complete the spell, a magic stone guarded by a magical dragon.

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Kelopak yang Meniupkan Angin #12

Kesedihan menerpa dua puluh sembilan jam setelah kematian hadir dan pergi. Di sekitar mereka hanya salju, dinginnya menusuk tulang. Tetapi ketika mereka tatap bulan merah yang memudar di awal hari, mereka tahu bahwa api telah membakar darah yang tumpah hingga tak berbekas. Dalam benak Victor, implikasi bahwa hal seperti itu bisa  terjadi terasa seperti tamparan yang menyakitkan. Ia pikir klan mereka tak terkalahkan, tapi dalam satu malam, hanya mereka berdua yang tersisa. Dua bocah yang tersesat di bawah rembulan yang perlahan menghilang.

Fajar akan menghampiri lebih cepat dari kedipan mata. Maka Victor menarik ujung jubah yang menutupi figur ramping saudarinya, mengirim pesan yang bahkan tidak membutuhkan kemampuan telepati mereka untuk tersampaikan.

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Kelopak Yang Meniupkan Angin #10

Ada legenda tentang vampir. Ada legenda tentang makhluk penghisap darah yang bersemayam dalam kegelapan. Ada mitos tentang kutukan yang hadir bersama dengan tiap gigitan taring, tiap tetes darah yang tersedot. Ada mitos tentang makhluk yang memperlakukan manusia layaknya santapan makan malam–menu mewah yang takkan puas-puasnya dinikmati.

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Jonathan Stroud’s “The Golem’s Eye”—Of Injustice, Camaraderie, and Blind Ambitions

In The Golem’s Eye, the second book of Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, young Nathaniel has grown up to become a junior magician in the Security Ministry. His dazzling career and tactless arrogance attracts enemies from all over the place. It brings pressure to his main job—eradicating rebellion movement trying to overthrow the magician government, The Resistance—as each politicians keep trying to frame every incidents into his fault.

Desperate for ally and enraged by the way other magicians look down on him, Nathaniel does something that he has promised not to do: summoning Bartimaeus and binding the djinn into a master-servant contract with him, again.

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Cinderella II: Dreams Come True–When Your True Self Is More Magical Than True Fantasy

After years of being a girl covered in ashes and dust, Cinderella has found her true happy ending. Coming home from her honeymoon, she is greeted by her first task as a princess: to hold the palace’s beloved banquet. Not only she has to handle the ballroom’s decoration, the foods, the guests list, and the music, she also has to learn how to act like a proper princess.

Well, how hard can it be?

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True is a story collection of Cinderella’s life after her marriage to the Prince Charming (note: does he really not have a name?). Released in February 2000, Cinderella II: Dreams Come True offers uncomplicated storyline, a sprinkle of magic, and a lesson (or maybe more) about how to accept yourself as you already are.

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