Scenes Without Sound

Photo by capturenow on Canva.

Take my hand and leave the deafening world. Get rid of people. Get rid of love. Get rid of the burdens stripping away the last bit of kindness you still have. 

My own world — your new home — has no place for either things. We are the only people left. There is no need for love when I plan to let go of your hand just as quickly as you take it. My company is only to pass the gate. From here on, your life is yours to live. I have no need of you. You certainly have no need of me. 

Isn’t this nice? The silence. The colours that are muted because you can no longer feel the buzzing of each and every spectrum. Let go of my hand. This world has no ability to hurt you. 

I am going east, so don’t follow. The sun only rises where I reside, but do you care enough? Other directions of the wind will bring you comfort in a way mine will ever not. 

You’ll be okay. You’ll be just fine. Believe me at least to that extent. This world is new and this world is silent. You might be lonely, but I am the only thing you don’t need to go on. 

Hear, hear. Let me laugh. Of course you can’t hear, but can you feel? The door has just been closed. The exit is now sealed. 

You can’t leave, but will you care enough? 

After all this world is the only thing you have ever wished for. 

So how can you say you regret it now? 

Sragen, 6 August 2021

Title taken from the lyrics of Silent Movie by Yubin. 


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