What’s Your Happiest Summer Memory From Your Childhood? Do You Usually Go On Vacation During The Summer?

Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels.com

July 8th & 9th, 2021 – Listening to Park Yun Seo’s The King.

I don’t have anything that comes up to my mind. It’s not that I don’t have any fond memories from my childhood, it’s more like I don’t remember the exact time those memories actually took place. I didn’t compartmentalize my memories by season or month, so it’s hard for me to recall them. It doesn’t help that summer literally doesn’t exist where I live. So when you ask me about “summer memories”, chances are I can’t remember any since my memories are not associated with summer.

Even when I think about “July memory” or “August memory”, I still have nothing to tell. July for me is holiday season, when I don’t have to go to school and can spend all day watching TV or reading books. While the experience itself was fun, I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “the happiest memory”. They’re all happy memories, but not necessarily the happiest. Calling it happiest somehow feels like I’m not treasuring my other childhood memories.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

As for vacation, aside from school trips (both my school and my father’s school), we rarely go somewhere for a long period of time. I don’t enjoy vacation much, because it usually involves tight schedules and uncomfortable bus rides. I might enjoy it more if I can choose my own destination or spend as much as time as I need to move from one place to another, but that kind of vacation is a privilege I currently cannot afford it.

I do have a dream vacation, though. I would like to be able to rent a room or a house in somewhere quiet. The place itself doesn’t have to be fancy or beautiful, just peaceful and friendly enough. I want to be able to savour the moment spent there, living like a wealthy people but with no pressing matters or hectic timetables. I want to open my window in the morning, sip tea from my favourite cup, turn on some relaxing music from my playlist, and read books while the day goes on without me.

It seems simple, but as you grow older, I think you will realize that even simple things like this are hard to achieve when you have no comfort from the security of your financial, work, family, health, well-being, and any other situation. Some people are worried about not earning enough to provide food on the table. Some are worried about sending their children off to school. Some are sicker than others and some are simply not in the situations where they can think of any privilege.

But if (and when) I have the privilege to go on a solitary vacation like that, I would go. Rent a house in a small village and just bring books, clothes, music player, and my favourite drink to warm the atmosphere.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Credit: Journal prompt by myhoneststudyblr.

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