Do You Have A Lot of Work To Do for School/Job This Summer?

July 3rd, 2021 – Listening to LOONA’s Butterfly.

Fortunately, I am free of any school obligations this summer. The semester has already ended (or officially end by next Wednesday), and I have no remedial or make up test to attend to. I also don’t have a job yet, so whatever I am going to do this summer, it’s purely because I want to do it.

I know that many of you probably still have a lot works to be done during the summer, so I hope you manage to finish them as best as you could. My own younger sister will start high school in the middle of July too (she’s already mourning the approaching end of her holiday) and many of my friends right now are completing their undergraduate thesis (I strongly wish for their success–listening to their stories this semester make me nervous too).

I am privileged enough to be doing fine without a job at this time and age, so I want to use my holiday well for resting, trying out fun things, and working on my passion projects. There are many things I hold off during the semester because I simply don’t have the time or energy to do it. Mostly the blog, but you must have known it by the countless time I mentioned it during my previous post.

When college starts again in September, I probably won’t have the energy to focus on my blog again. Next semester (hopefully) will be my last semester in college, so I’ll be busy working on my undergraduate thesis and completing mandatory classes. The workload for next semester is not going to be as heavy as this semester (I took full credits this time), but I also don’t want to jinx it by underestimating it too much.

I already form some kind of topic for my thesis, though I am still not sure about the approach I am going to use. I might spend August to develop the idea more, as I’d prefer to be as ready as possible when the time for proposal submission approaches. Learning from my friends’ experiences, some of them were only given two or three days to formulate and submit their topics. Last year, my seniors were more lucky because they were given at least two weeks to think about it before the deadline came.

So while I don’t have specific obligations to attend to this summer, I do have something I feel the need to complete to make my next academic year easier. I am sure most of you can’t just take your hands off some works even during the holiday. The important thing is to create a balance. You don’t want to spend your summer holiday working until burning out, but you also need to make sure all the important details won’t be missed.

Finally, though, the most important thing is to keep your well-being in check. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, have fun, spend time with loved ones, and just enjoy your summer to the fullest. Whether you’re working, studying, or simply trying to rest like me, your well-being is still the utmost priority! I hope you have a good summer and see you again tomorrow.

Credit: Journal prompt by myhoneststudyblr‘s Summer Studying Challenge.

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