Do You Have a Specific Goal for This Summer?

July 2nd, 2021 – Listening to aespa’s Next Level.

As cliche as it might sound, my only goal for this summer to be productivily happy–or happily productive. I have projects and activities I want to do, but I know from experience that I tend to overwhelm myself and end up in burn out. Which is totally unproductive. And most importantly, totally unhappy.

Since I already pick up this Summer Studying Challenge by myhoneststudyblr, I know that at least my blog is going to be much more productive this month. I also received the acceptance notice from one volunteering organization I’ve applied for yesterday, so I already have at least two projects on-going. We got our job distributions this morning and the volunteering activity starts tomorrow. I’m excited!

That’s why for now I don’t have any specific goal in mind. There are the fiction writing projects and internship applications, but that’s not actually a ‘plan’ or ‘goal’ for the summer. It’s a goal I intend to work on even after summer’s over.

More than a goal, I want July to have a specific kind of vibe. My bullet journal colour theme for this month is gold. That’s why I want to make this July as gold as possible. You might think that it sounds weird and a bit childish, but I personally think it’s an interesting idea.

We usually associate the colour of gold to luxury and wealth, but I found that gold also means wisdom and magic. Fortunately, both of my on-going activities right now will easily fit into those two words. The volunteering activity I’m applying for focuses on leadership for youths, so it’s a perfect match for the ‘wisdom’ category. For the ‘magic’ category, isn’t the fact that I am going to be uploading new journal entry every day throughout July already magical enough? After long period of neglect, finally I’m updating my blog again (laugh).

On a more serious note though, it is true that I think blogging is my way to make boring life a magical world. There is a reason, after all, why I name this blog ‘Another Universe to Explore’. It’s a way to escape. It’s a path to a new world. People talk about romanticizing everyday life. I wholeheartedly agree with them. Sometimes it’s the only way for us to stay alive.

But magic doesn’t have to be grand. And words I share with the world don’t have to be life-changing. Just like you don’t have to be the happiest person in the world (nor could you be), but instead focus on finding and creating small happiness around you.

Productively happy, or happily productive. Either way is fine. That’s my goal for the, hm-m, dry season. What about you? It’s only the second day of July, so if you haven’t decided yet, just take it slow. No need to rush. You might still have a big exam coming up. Or an important work project you need to catch up with. July is still beginning. Tell me below if you already have some plans in mind, or you can come back later to share the exciting goals. May you have a good day. See you tomorrow!

Credit: Journal prompt by myhoneststudyblr‘s Summer Studying Challenge.

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