Avengers: End Game – Dealing with Choices and How It Affects the Future

The only superhero movies I’ve watched (and remember the plots) can be counted with one hand. Okay, maybe even with one finger. For sure, I’ll forget about that particular movie soon enough. So, before I also forget about how this movie came to be, I’m going to write about it first.

I jumped to Avengers: End Game without watching the previous movies, or even taking a peek on their synopsis. So basically, I was clueless. I could vaguely pinpoint who each character is based on what I’ve heard from the snippets of my friends’ conversation, but I didn’t know what strength they have or what kind of past they’ve been through before they finally assemble as the Avengers. Hell, I didn’t even know what causes them to become the Avengers in the first place. I still don’t, to be honest.

Which means this post is going to be about me diving blindly into the world of Marvel superheroes, witnessing the end of a specific war without even understanding what the war is all about.

All I know is this: there is this guy (creature?) named Thanos who used six magical stones to make half of Earth’s population to vanish. Almost a month later, the Avengers found a way to (possibly) reverse Thanos’s actions. It involves jumping to the past through the power of quantum physics, find the stones before Thanos does, and bring back all the vanished people. Easy peachy.

But of course, it’s not easy.

As you may have guessed, changing the past has a lot of consequences. In this movie, the Avengers has to make several difficult choices. To rescue people who are already gone, you would need to sacrifice the people who are still here. The question is, which of them is more important to you? And what if the most important to you is not the wisest decision you can make for the benefit of the universe?

Avengers: End Game is a long journey, full of thrilling adventure and set in multiple different locations. You will visit the Earth, the space, and the world of Nordic gods. There is a lot of destructions and loss. There are inevitable sacrifices. There are happy endings even through unavoidable tears. While it is an action movie, I would say that there are more dramatic sequences involved. Choice means a path forking. Sacrifice means there is more than enough farewell. A very expensive and powerful movie about farewell, indeed. I almost teared up at the end of the movie because the only superhero I recognize and remember quite well is apparently the one who gives the most painful goodbye. But even with the farewell, this movie opens up many opportunities, many possibilities for sequels. Probably even more female superheroes-focused storylines, which I would gladly dig in. So, in conclusion, it is not quite a goodbye. It is a “Hello, let’s moving on. The world still has more superheroes’ story to tell.”

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