Six Moments I Love in TREASURE’s “MY TREASURE” Music Video

I know I’m totally behind the train, but to be honest, I haven’t really appreciated the song until I listened to it (for at least the fourth time) in early February. It’s clear that “My Treasure” is not really the music genre I love (even in my happiest moment of life) so it’s actually a wonder that I decided to check it out again almost a month after its release.

Even the music video, with its colourful scenes and too many magic elements thrown in the mix, proved to be more distracting during my first and second time watching. It’s hard to properly focus on the song when your eyes are drifting from one shining object to another. Despite that, I still managed to find some memorable scenes from the music video that makes me appreciate the song more (after I listen and read the lyrics properly of course).

  1. The Jazzy Intro + Yedam’s Voice

The intro is totally my style. Add Yedam’s voice to the mix and you cannot find more enchanting combination. The MV actually begins pretty dark, with gloomy view inside and outside the bus, plus the breaking apart scene that follows after. But through that breaking apart moment, we can finally see the light and the colours surrounding it. It’s just like when the rain stops and sunlight pierces through the cloudy sky.

  1. Mashiho Inside The Book + His Hairstyle

Mashiho in my eyes is cute. So, his hairstyle in this song throws me off (even though he wears the same hairstyle back during MMM era). Different from MMM though, the colourful background gives him a youthful and fresh image. I also love the fact that he is practically inside a book. I think that it represents the pressure on students nowadays and how their enjoyment is buried underneath school books.

  1. Jaehyuk and Dozens of Blue Umbrella

At first the umbrellas were black and yellow striped on the surface. The pretty blue-sky colour is hidden underneath. Combined with the dark background, it portrays quite a gloomy scene. But then the rain stopped, he looked up, and everything turned blue.

Well, simply said, I love that moment.

  1. Asahi Stripping Away Exam Question Paper to See the Sky

As an avid bullet journal fan (and a lover of basically every stationery that exists on this planet), Asahi’s scene is definitely the most eye-catching to me. Old exam question paper and the blue sky behind it–what else could I have asked for?

  1. Doyoung’s Smile (Okay, I’m Biased–So What?)

There is no word to explain why this is one of my most favourite scene. Is it even necessary to explain it?

  1. The Darker Scenes (Little Girl with Birthday Cake and Her Parents’ Shadow, Tense Classroom View, Lonely Kid Sitting in Darkness)

This is the moment my brain finally picks up on what the song is actually about. The slower tempo and the darker scenes describe several worse moments in life (when your parents keep fighting, when you are being pressured to be the best in academic life, or when you have no one beside you). But despite all the bad things that you’ve been through in life, it is important to remember that tomorrow will come. And just like the way the sun will rise again , you will find happiness again too. After all, you’re a treasure.

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