Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #14 – Last Message

24/01/2021 – Listening to Rick Producer’s Aventura.

I can’t believe that I finally finish this challenge. Fourteen days feel like a lot when I first started out, but now it doesn’t seem as burdening. I can’t say that my drawing skill has improved or anything though. After all, most of the illustrations I did was done based on drawings on Pinterest. Also I didn’t quite do the challenge as I was supposed to. When you hear ‘illustrated journaling’, you’ll think about less words and more drawings, right? But I can’t bring myself to do that. I love words. I am comfortable with words. And even doing little drawing every now and then feel scarier than it should.

So I am glad that I finally manage to finish this. At least drawing doesn’t feel as intimidating as it used to be. I feel less pressure to use colour. As you may have noticed, I mainly use light purple and black. On one occasion, brown. I also don’t sketch. All of the drawings were done in a single take. No eraser. No pencil. Just black gel pen and colour pens, with the help of a ruler.

It does make me want to explore more of my drawing skills, though. I love bullet journaling and sometimes doodling, but calligraphy is usually more of my thing. Next time, I want to get a little bit bolder and try out more complex stuffs.

Can’t wait for that day to come, right?

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