Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #12 – Human is Not Made for Loneliness

22/01/2021 – Listening to Taeyeon’s Stay.

My father owns many birds. Originally there are three couples of birds. Now they have grown in quantity. Two weeks ago, we got three new baby birds. I remembered when they crawled from their egg shells, staying silent for the rest of the day. They were so small, so fragile. Their parents noisily hovered above them, trying to protect them whenever there were humans nearby.

When I look at the baby birds again this morning, they’re no longer babies. They have grown in size. Their wings look stronger now. They used to just snuggle in the nest, almost unmoving. Now they jump. They fly. They make noises. Their parents no longer try to protect them.

I am amazed by how fast they’ve grown. If my father moved the little birds to another cage, I guess their parents will not look for them anymore. The moment they can fly and eat by themselves, they are free. Unattached. Unburdened. Independent. Other birds will still look at them as part of them–as birds–but not as children anymore. That phase of theirs is over.

The same thing cannot be said for human. It takes years for us to grow independent. It will take decades before we can finally be called a person, not an extension of our parents. Even then, we’re still a part of them. They’re still a big part of ourselves. If I go missing for days or weeks, my mother will get worried. If I make terrible mistakes and get into jail somehow, for example, my parents’ name will be still dragged into my business. And vice versa.

It’s not a bad thing per se. It means that we always have someone behind our back. It means we’re never alone.

But thinking about those little birds, I wonder.

If one of them get caught in terrible matter, would other bird come to save them too?

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