Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #9 – Those Butterflies Didn’t Come for Me

19/01/2021 – Listening to Iqbaal Ramadhan’s Kita Pernah Ada.

Those butterflies? They didn’t come for you. Not for me, either. Only for the flowers. Only for the food. They didn’t come for fun.

Their wings? Flapping gently in front of our eyes. But they did what they could do. They flapped as best as they could. Never for the fun. Never for just the joy of it.

But you came here for them. So did I. Never for the flowers. Never for the food. Always for the fun.

Our legs never moved gently; we didn’t know how. We stepped on mud and on stone and everything in between. The grass flopped. The leaves rustled. We killed so many living things just by existing, without even realizing it. We killed so many more just by living, consciously this time.

Those butterflies? Their wings were fragile. So put your hands away from them.

We could learn to let others live too.

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