Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #8 – When All You Want to Do is to Sleep

18/01/2021 – Listening to ONE OK ROCK’s We Are.

I no longer enjoy sleep anymore. It’s like instead of a relaxing activity, sleep has become a kind of necessity. A forced one. Go to bed right at this time. Wake up at that time. Don’t take a nap for longer than needed because it will disrupt your sleeping schedule. I no longer feel fully charged after sleeping. I wonder what’s wrong. Do I sleep too much? Do I sleep too little? Maybe I should use warmer blanket (or less warmer?). Maybe I should use more comfortable pillow (or no pillow at all?). Maybe drink milk before sleep. Maybe listen to music first. Maybe meditate first. Maybe sleep a bit later. Maybe sleep a bit earlier.

Maybe I should just stop overthinking it and go to sleep. Enjoy the dream while it lasts. Welcome the dream while it still comes.

That’s a lot of maybes. Maybe.

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