Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #7: Deep Love, Pao’s Tale

17/01/2021 – Listening to MONSTA X’s Middle Of The Night.

If I remember correctly, I read Deep Love: Pao’s Story in December. It was manga by Kurosawa Akiyo. After devouring the first volume in one sitting, I decided not to continue reading it. The reason? It was good. The manga was good. The story was incredible. It was real. And it was so painfully torturing that I almost couldn’t make it through first volume.

Deep Love: Pao’s Story was told in the perspective of Pao, a puppy whose family got abandoned after their caretakers’ family went bankrupt and had to hide from debt collectors. Pao’s mother gave all food that was left to the puppies and ended up dead soon after. Pao’s older siblings also found their demise in the hands of humans. Even though Pao managed to survive, he still couldn’t shake off bad fortunes from his path. From abuse, poverty, suicide, homelessness, torture, animal cruelty, to prostitutions; Pao had witnessed the various unforgiving nature of human world and the people inside it. But not all humans are bad. Along his journey, Pao did encounter several people with kind hearts and genuine love. I guess that’s the message the author wants to give us all: that even through some nasty events that happen in life, we can still find love deeper than the ocean.

I recommend this manga for people who love animals, especially dogs, and have stomach strong enough to handle the bloody, torturing part of the story (I warn you, there is quite a lot and all is heart-wrenching enough to make you cry). Apparently the manga is part of a series called Real, which includes Pao’s story, Ayu’s story, Host’s story, and Reina’s story. All three latter characters were introduced in Pao’s story, so it is a good idea to begin from that first. Wish you a good day. Don’t forget to be kind to animals (and people).

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