Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #5: Princess in Flower Crown

15/01/2021 – Listening to ラックライフ’s 「名前を呼ぶよ」。

Haven’t all girls dreamed of becoming a princess?

I guess there are many who haven’t. I myself have. I love fairy tales that include princesses. I love good story of a girl who earns herself the right to be a princess. I love reading news about real life princesses. Most importantly, I love a princess who becomes a queen; the queen.

So maybe what I like the most, what I dream of, is not about becoming a princess, but to become a queen.

A queen who rules over her kingdom. A queen who learns many subjects as she wants to know everything. A queen who is graceful. A queen with wisdom. A queen who is full of confidence and self-worth.

To be a queen, does someone have to be a princess first?

Can I get my flower crown, build my own kingdom, and rule over my people with wisdom and generosity and a lot of affections?

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