Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #2: To the Cat Lady

12/01/2021 – Listening to Stray Kids’s My Pace.

My best friend; she loves cats. She owns plenty; at least three at a time. Since most of her cats are stray, they come and go as they please. There are also a lot of cats in our campus. She makes sure to name each and every single one. Even during holiday, she sometimes expresses her concerns on whether the cats are capable to find food or not.

Her boyfriend also loves cats. Once my friend joked that he would probably prefer cats over real human children. One of his dreams is to own a cat farm (does this kind of thing exist?).

I myself am not fond of animals. I do like seeing them in photos, through videos, or watching some National Geographic documentary about them. But I don’t own a pet and I am not interested too. Honestly I am not fond of cats. They’re fascinating creatures, I’ll admit, but I don’t think I can grow enough affection to care for them. I like putting distance between myself and them. I don’t find comfort in them. I don’t think stroking their furs will make me feel better when I am sad.

My best friend strongly disagrees (or at least unconsciously she agrees that it does not make me feel better, but she refuses to admit it; anyway, that’s not really important here). She sends me photos and videos of cats from time to time, just like I send her photos and videos of my baby sister. She always sounds happy when encountering cats, just like I’m always excited to spend some time with my baby sister. I guess she loves her cats just as much as I love my family. She’ll get depressed whenever one of the cats she owns get sick or lost. She also feels sad when we find wounded stray cats and tries her best to bring them to a veterinarian.

It’s been almost a year since the last time I met my best friend. Whenever I see cats, I think of her. Are her cats okay? Are the cats in the campus okay? Does she find new cats? Because of her, I have fond memories associated with cats. Even though I don’t like cats myself, they are precious to her. Once I encountered a limping cat with dried blood on its fur and I texted my best friend right away. When I came across cat’s food discounts, I remembered her. It’s weird how much influence she has on me. And vice versa. Whenever she comes across something that is my favourite, she will give me a shout-out. A new song from the artist I love. A donut discount. An opening of new bookstore.

I can’t wait for the day when we can meet again. I am looking forward to grab a box of donut with her and eat lunch together with cats purring right beside the table’s legs.

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