Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #1: A Bad Beginning Does Not Mean a Ruined Journey

11/01/2021 – Listening to Demi Lovato’s Anyone.

I found this challenge on Skillshare. I don’t have paid subscription to the site since I can’t afford it, but from time to time I check it out and take note of classes that seem interesting. Around two or three days ago, I found this Illustrated Journaling Challenge. And while I might not be able to take the guidance class or interact with other participants, I just want to participate. So that’s why I’m doing this, solo.

As far as I know, illustrated journaling means capturing your day or thought in drawing. It’s something I have almost never done before. Being more comfortable with words, I find illustrated journaling a bit intimidating. But well, that’s all the more reason to take on the challenge.

It doesn’t work out as well as I hope it would though. You can see from the picture above that what I’ve done isn’t illustrated journaling at all. I simply made a collage, composed of an illustration and
poem from a book called Sejarah Dunia yang Disembunyikan by Jonathan Black. I pasted the collage on my bullet journal’s weekly spread. But both the poem and the illustration really portray what I had felt when I worked on that particular piece. They describe, at least for me, fear and new beginning. I was in the last week of my seventh semester in college. While there was freedom in the form of upcoming holiday and the end of exam season, I was also scared because I’m approaching the end of my college life. A new beginning. A new challenge. A world unknown. In a way, they also describe how I feel about this illustrated journaling challenge. I am hesitating at the edge of my comfort zone. Will I jump? Am I brave enough? What would I face if (when) I move forward? Will I fall or will I fly?

I think someone in the past told me something though. You cannot fly if you don’t fall first. So maybe both. Maybe all.

I will jump. I will fall. Then I will fly.

Poem’s translation:

Come to the shore, says he.
They say, We’re afraid.
Come to the shore, says he.
They come. He pushes them.
They fly.

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