Entry: 20200717 – About College Q&A Series

Sragen. 17.07.2020.

15:05. Listening to ONE OK ROCK’s I was King.

I finished a piece of short story today and a realization came to mind. The energy I’ve been putting in the story making and my (supposed) daily College Q&A series was not comparable to each other. I clearly put much more effort in the story, because I really like it and want to see it through. On the other hand, College Q&A series is something I create out of unreasonable duty. I force myself to write a college-related blog series because I want to fill in the Yellow Scholar section of my blog. I also want to show that I am a Japanese Studies major, even though, thinking back, that’s not the reason I begin this blog (or any of my blogs at all). To be honest, this blog is something I create to escape from the academic part of my life.

Writing College Q&A series doesn’t make me happy at all. It feels like burden. Even when I finished a post and uploaded, all I could feel was dread because I had to post another one next day. From the beginning until the end, I didn’t feel any relief or joy at all.

So I decide to drop the series and focus on my story writing projects. I have finished one piece and am currently contemplating how to upload it (do I want to reveal part by part or drop one whole piece at once?). I also want to post more daily entries like this and 49 Days Journaling Challenge. I like that I can share a bit of my day-to-day life and feelings here. So this kind of daily entry won’t be something set in schedule–when I need to let out something, I will post it.

For the meanwhile, please look forward to my upcoming short stories. I work on them bit by bit, so some might take a long time to finish. I’m excited to work on them though. There are still my already-scheduled posts too, up every Thursday. So enjoy it and have a good day!

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