College Q&A Series: What are my school’s strength?

INTRO: Two thoughts came to mind.

First, I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting my own school.

Second, isn’t this basically the same content as the previous post?

I feel myself hesitating to share my own school’s strengths because I don’t want to sound too proud about it. At the same time, I also don’t want to sound ungrateful for being able to enter this school. My current university is not one of the best in the world, but it is certainly one of the best in my country. Many of my friends often express discomfort about saying what college they’re attending. Just like me, they don’t want to sound arrogant. Pursuing a bachelor or higher degree is, after all, a privilege. But again, we have done our best–studying, taking test, convincing our parents–to get into this school. Shouldn’t we have the right to be proud of it?

Despite telling myself that, I was tempted just a minute ago to delete the entire draft of this post and change the prompt. I was even tempted to just delete my previous post too and start all over again.

Fortunately (maybe unfortunately, who knows?), I didn’t do that. Let’s just keep writing no matter what, shall we?

My university, objectively and subjectively speaking, has many strengths. It is located in Depok–near enough to the capital city of Indonesia, but not quite crowded enough to be a very hustling city. For me personally, it’s just right. Transportations are easy to access (taxi, online transportation service, train, angkutan umum/angkot/share taxi). There are many public facilities–hospitals, malls, cafes, traditional markets. But unlike Jakarta, Depok is still a city that sleeps at night. From eleven p.m. to 5 a.m., traffic is really light. It has its moments of rush hour, of course, but typically it’s still quite bearable.

I can’t stop talking about it, but my campus has pretty nice view. I have talked about lakes, forests, and parks. I suppose it should be enough. We have campus bus, bicycles, and scooters–all free for students and employees. The campus is quite big, but it’s easy to get around from one faculty to another (takes time, but at least it’s still in one big area).

The main library’s building is so pretty. It is shaped like a junk of crystal with greenery on the surface. Hence the official name: Crystal of Knowledge. The campus WiFi is on 24/7 and it’s got quite the speed too. The online library service is good too. To be honest, I do most of my research online instead of going to the library, unless I really need to find a specific or rare textbook.

Each faculty in my university has its own characteristics and colours. Mine is Faculty of Humanities and its colour is white. My professor once said that my faculty area was built in the concept of openness–hence the multiple entrance way, the open classes near the lake, and the art installations scattered everywhere.

Anything else I should mention? Hmm, ATMs are very accessible. We’ve got a lot of space for hanging out and studying outside the class. Guilty as charged, sometimes I skip class only to hang out around the campus. Living accommodations are varied, depending on your wallet. You just need to be smart and intentional about it. You can splurge or you can save money–the difference is more about your lifestyle instead of the environment (but maybe be intentional about social circles too. You don’t want to spend money out of feeling obligated to fit in).

For now, those are the things I particularly recommend about my current university. When I read it from the start, I just realize that I talk only about the physical (material) side of things. I don’t talk at all about teaching style or student unions or clubs. Please keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that they’re bad–I am (maybe) just more inclined to talk about the buildings and things around it. Tomorrow I will talk about things I don’t like about my university, and I think I will spend all-night trying to form the right words. See you tomorrow!

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