49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 49 (COMPLETE!)

Sragen. 12.07.2020.

16:50. Listening to Yuju’s Just This Song.

Since this is the last and final entry of the challenge, there are so many things I want to say. To be honest, I was overwhelmed. I was tempted to give up more than once along the journey. I didn’t remember exactly how many times I had scolded myself for making this challenge 49 days instead of the usual 7 days, 14 days, or even 30 days. There were times when I just wanted to skip a day–like, a day wouldn’t matter in the long run, right? People might not even notice. But miraculously, I got through it. And here I am; Day 49. Somehow, it feels like a beginning instead of an end.

Already, I am thinking about what challenge I am going to for next. What blog series? What topic? How would I make the new schedule?

Part of me wants to give myself time to rest. Other part of me feels ambitious to tackle the next challenge. I have this voice inside me that keeps saying, “If you stop the flow now, you would never get it back.” I don’t want to be harsh to myself, but I know that it’s true. Once I stop, it will be difficult to pick up the pace again. Inertia–a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. There is a reason why that is my favourite word.

I might not start a new challenge as soon as, like, tomorrow, but I promise myself I would pick up something to plan or mull over for a while. I think it’d be safe to say that I will come with a new content before the week ends. I already have several ideas on mind.

Let’s meet again soon. Until then, don’t forget to keep taking the courageous step. Create happiness, always.

Have a good night.

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