49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 48

Sragen. 11.07.2020.

15:20. Listening to Yerin Baek’s Lean On Me.

There was a police car stopping in front of our house today. What they looked for was not our house, but our neighbour, who lived exactly to the left of our family. Police was a rare sight here. As I stood with my baby sister behind the front gate of our house, I couldn’t help but thinking about something bad happening. Was there an accident? Thief? Someone who broke traffic law?

The polices didn’t seem to be in hurry or tense situation. They were perfectly at ease, maybe a bit lost because it sure was difficult to find correct address in our neighbourhood. There wasn’t any suspicious noises coming from our neighbourhood’s house and the polices didn’t leave right away. I didn’t wait for them to leave, even though I was curious about what they were up to. When I checked again about one hour later, they had already gone.

I asked my younger sister, wanting to know what her opinion about it. She thought at first the polices were going to take something–a motorcycle maybe? Something illegal? But the car they used was one for maximum five passengers, not a carrier. So we shrugged it off. If it’s something big, the news would travel soon. Maybe it’s nothing.

Probably it’s nothing.

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