49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 47

Sragen. 10.07.2020.

15:29. Listening to Stray Kids’s TMT.

If I hadn’t taken this path, what would be in store for me? How would I change? What kind of life would I have had? If I had given up back then, how much I would have lost? How much I would have gained? I’m not even asking whether the choice I made was the right one or not. I’m simply wondering whether things would have turned this way had I chosen a different path.

But even then, there’s so much at stake. Even now, there’s still so many things I need to figure out. Step by step, they said. Choice after choice. No life is the same. No path is exactly the same.

There would be difficult and enjoyable moments, no matter whichever path I choose. I only chose this certain path without knowing exactly what I would get in the end. I’m only pursuing things I expect to have by the end the journey. The truth is no one knows what the path will give them. The possibility is maybe it doesn’t matter whichever path I choose. Maybe the end will be the same even though the scenery through the way isn’t similar.

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