49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 44

Sragen. 07.07.2020.

17:02. Listening to Wanna One’s Hide And Seek.

I took a nap. Well, I basically passed out for almost three hours. I just remembered playing songs from my July 2019 favourite playlist and then fell asleep somewhere along the way. Thankfully, I’d done my tasks of the day so when I woke up, I at least didn’t feel bad for losing the afternoon.

I purchased an e-book of The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan yesterday. And now I basically have no money left for any splurge. I have to pay for internet billing (which still hasn’t been terminated that it gives me serious headache. I plan to bombard the contact center with e-mails, tweets, and phone calls in the next few days. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I can do at the moment. If this continues for another month, I am considering filing a public report–though I am not sure I have the courage to do that.)

For the record, I didn’t regret purchasing The Tyrant’s Tomb. I have read the beginning of the book and it’s got good premise. On the other hand, I don’t like paying for a service I no longer use (who does?). It’s a waste of money, don’t you think? Like paying for a monthly magazine subscriptions you no longer read or paying for electricity in the house you no longer live in. The second case is technically what’s happening to me–I have moved out from the house and have another rent I have to pay.

I know my previous housemates will help sharing the bill (it’s part of their responsibilities) but I also feel bad because the matter was supposed to be resolved months before. I have talked to one of them about this matter and they said it’s the internet provider’s fault, but I keep wondering that maybe I miss something and that’s why they still hasn’t terminated the subscription.

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