49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 43

Sragen. 06.07.2020.

15:09. Listening to Stray Kids’s TA.

It rained for the first time in a while. The rain was brief, a bit windy, and then stopped out of nowhere. The sky was still cloudy though and I couldn’t express how grateful I was for it–both the gray sky and the short rainfall. I had opened the window as soon as the rain fell (a contradiction to what my parents and younger sister would have done). Now that familiar, soothing scent filled up my room. People often said that there was no life without rain. Just as true to that, I felt alive again.

There were children climbing over the fence of my house this morning. Being practically a shut-in, I didn’t recognize any of them. They crossed the street in groups (at least three people each) and climbed while yelling to each other. I was babysitting with my younger sister, but we ran to the front when we saw them climbing. Instead of scolding them (which adults would do), we watched them quietly. Realizing our presence, they seemed afraid and a bit wary. The climbing became less noisy.

My younger sister and I rarely wore our glasses inside the house (or anywhere in the neighbourhood, really). The scene of those unfamiliar children was blurry. Despite that, it’s enough to make me remember our childhood memories. Climbing fence had been easy for me as a child. The last time I climbed over our house’s fence was middle school. Nowadays, I prefer to climb onto the roof instead. It is a lonely experience though, because my younger sister is afraid of it. Unless she has to, she doesn’t usually want to do it.

Would my baby sister come with me to the roof when she grows up? I have a feeling that she would like the experience, even though I am not sure my parents would allow her to. It took years before my father stopped scolding me over it and instead stated in amazement, “How brave of you to climb there.” Like he never saw me climbing anywhere before.

Maybe he forgot. I used to climb all over the house–cupboards, windows, fence, tree. Or maybe I was the one who didn’t realize that all that experiences were mostly solitary, so he might never saw me that often.

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