49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 42

Sragen. 05.07.2020.

15:04. Listening to Troye Sivan’s WILD.

In three years I’ve been a college student, there were several paths I’d taken to get home from classes. For the record, I moved pretty often. The farthest I’d been from campus was 5 kilometres. The shortest was 2 kilometres. I’ve used public transportation, online ride, my friend’s ride, bicycle, and walking. With public transportation and getting free ride from my friend, the routes I used didn’t vary much. With online ride, bicycle, and walking though, I often use the opportunity to look for new routes and enjoy new views.

When I was in a good mood, I walked. My faculty was one of the greenest area in our campus. It was near lake (though it seemed more like river to me) and full of trees. Two of the routes I’d used the most were through the woods and under the bridge across the lake. Especially for the path under the bridge, I also used it often as my weekend exercise’s route. Sometimes in the afternoon, students from faculty of engineering could be found there working on their projects–experiments that involved water or sun. People didn’t usually use that route because there were other options to get around like campus, like campus bus or campus bicycles. Other reason that made the route unappealing was that during rain, some trees near the lake had high possibility of falling down and obscured the path. I’d encountered that problem before–the branches fell down and I had to climb over it to continue walking.

One day, though, I found another reason people didn’t use that path.

It was the day when I had only one class in the morning and unexpectedly we got to finish earlier. I deliberately chose the route under the bridge to get home, knowing that no one wouldn’t use the path that early in the morning. I encountered some surprises. Well, it was true that people didn’t use that path in the morning, but I hadn’t known that animals did. Near the end of the path, just about ten metres from the campus’s main road, I discovered a group of monitor lizards near the lake. Sensing my presence, they scrambled away quickly into the woods. But I was just as surprised as they were.

I had known from the very first day in college that there were monitor lizards in the campus. What I hadn’t known was the fact that they lived in the woods. Even though it’s silly, I used to think that they lived in the lake or at least somewhere farther from the faculty buildings. I also had never seen monitor lizard that big. I could mistake them for crocodile. They were at least one metre and a half long!

After seeing them, I became quite wary to use that route under the bridge again–or any route that was near the woods. One or two of them in small size wouldn’t deter me, but more than four with size that big… It was such a pity though, since those routes were my favourite parts from the campus environment.

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