49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 39

Sragen. 02.07.2020.

16:02. Listening to ONF’s Your Day.

Feeling exhausted from today’s full schedule. I haven’t taken a break from my laptop for hours. It seems like Thursday has become my busy day, which often makes me don’t want to do anything on Friday. But it also feels nice that I’ve been really productive today. Very worth it.

I have organization mid-year report due in early August. So far I have only read the writing guidelines, wondering how I should approach this responsibility. My latest writing project is currently taking its early form and I expect it to be done in a week or two. You will probably not going to be able to read until a few weeks from now, because my upload schedule is already full for the month of July. I was a bit hesitant to tell you about this writing project because I was afraid I would pressure myself too much if I told other people about it. It’s been a tendency of mine. Like I have an idea of something and after I say it out loud, it suddenly sounds stupid and I give up on it. So I wait a bit until this project becomes a little bit more real before I share the news with you. Though to be honest, I still don’t think it’s a wise decision to share it here.

Like yesterday, I don’t know how to end this entry. It becomes more and more difficult by day. Probably because these journal entries were written spontaneously. I made a commitment to myself to keep post new entry every day no matter how short or vague it is. There were many times when I had been tempted to drop the challenge or skip a day. But I keep writing day after day. I am sure by the end of the challenge, I would be really proud of myself. I basically write around one thousand words every day without fail. Sometimes I’m worried these vague entries won’t be helpful to anyone. I’m also worried that all these rants would only make my blog unflattering. But I promise myself and it’s such a pity to stop in the middle of the way. See? I’m already on the 39th day. In less than two weeks, I would complete the challenge. I’m just going to keep writing and looking ahead to the day when I will finally be able to tell myself, You did it.

One thought on “49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 39

  1. Hi! I love your journal entries more than any other posts. It shows much of honesty and courage. Please, continue writing these entries, even after day 49 has passed.


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