49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 37

Sragen. 30.06.2020.

15:56. Listening to Halsey’s Sorry.

I am waiting for the words to hit me, but I realize that the right words never come. All I have is the words I currently have. If you wait for perfection to come, you will never begin. So I pour out the words. I lay it all out. I may edit and re-edit the entry later, but for now, all I need to do is to write. Write everything. Write anything. Even if it doesn’t make sense sometimes. Even if it doesn’t make sense most of the times.

I am also waiting for the perfect end to show itself. Once again, it might never come. All I can do is stop when I feel I need to stop. When my hearts says there’s nothing else I can do. Just as important it is to put your utmost effort, it’s also important to let go of things you can’t control. When it ends, put your hands up. It’s not yours to decide anymore.

And just like that, today will be over. June will be over. If I look back, how would I see what I’ve done this month? Did I do great? Did I achieve something? Did I accomplish anything? How about you? Be honest, there is a lot. You’ve survived June. You’ve lived June. And just as simple as that, you’ve achieved June. Be proud. It is a lot. So move forward with time. Because it doesn’t wait for you nor it chases you. Move forward with time–don’t let yourself be stuck or trying to outpace the moment of life. All you have is now. And now moves forward. So should you.

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