49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 36

Sragen. 29.06.2020.

15:22. Listening to BTS’s Make It Right.

I’ve met many people throughout schools. I rarely kept in touch with them after I graduated from each school, but I treasured memories I had of them. In each level of my education, I found best friends, people I was awkward with, and people I barely tolerated. I know that many people are easily intimidated or put off by my seemingly cold and passive demeanour, so I am always grateful for the people I actually make friends with. What I take for granted is the fact that because I had been student in class with at least twenty people, it’s easier to connect to people who are my age. In each class, I would have at least one friend who would want to sit next to me. Never more than three, but there was always at least one.

Once I graduated though, as I implied, it became more difficult to keep in touch. My friends suddenly aren’t on the same social media I use or my best friends suddenly aren’t on the same wavelength of thinking and interest as me. People once I’ve known became stranger, living a very different life than mine. My elementary school friends have married and started a family. My junior high school friends have begun their job. My high school friends are spread out throughout the country, busy with their own lives. But mostly, I am also busy with my own life.

When I think about my current college friends, I wonder whether I’ll be able to stay in touch with them in the future. Most of them are from different cities from mine. While we might choose similar jobs in similar fields, I doubt I would stay in the same place as them. We are all Japanese Studies student and I believe that at least half of us will find our way to Japan some way and sometime, but Japan itself is a rather big country.

I know that it is also a matter of effort as well as fate. We have to put in the work to stay in touch if we want to be always connected. I’m sure there will be people among my batch that never lose contact with each other. I’m also sure that there will be people like me, who takes months or even years to finally reach out to my friends again.

I write this entry as something like a reminder. I’m grateful for the people that have blessed me with their presences in my life. I’m grateful that God gives me many precious people throughout my entire life. I’m grateful that some of them will always be my best friends, people I could always rely on. But I also need to remember that friendship–or any type of relationships–needs effort. We have to always maintain communication. I have to remember that I can’t take people around me for granted–they’re not always gonna be the ones who reach out to me. At some point, I would have to be the one who reaches out to them too. At some point, I just need to be the one who sends the first message or places the first call. So be courageous. Be kind.

They need you as much as you need them.

They treasure you as much as you treasure them.

There would always be people who are worth the efforts.

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