49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 35

Sragen. 28.06.2020.

17:22. Listening to Byul’s Dear My Love.

My baby sister was sick. We had difficulty trying to comfort her and make her take an afternoon sleep. After hours of playing songs and kicking everyone around her, she just rolled off the bed and went on to find some toys to play with–in this case, kitchen utensils and my mother’s skincare. Even though she was clearly sleepy, she couldn’t relax.

Father took her for a ride around the neighbourhood. When I finished showering and began writing this entry, they came home with my baby sister’s asleep. It didn’t last long though. After ten minutes she woke up and began crying again.

Today has been a long day. Since the babysitter was also sick and couldn’t come to work today, we (my parents, my younger sister, and I) struggled to keep the baby in check. Even when she was sick, she couldn’t stay still. I think the sickness made her feeling so uncomfortable that she couldn’t stand playing alone like usual. She has calmed down now that my mother has come home from work. I know that tonight would be extra tiring for my parents though.

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