49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 33

Sragen. 26.06.2020.

17:25. Listening to The Rose’s I.L.Y.

Really not sure on what to talk about today. My younger sister and I had a picnic at the frontyard of our house. We lied under the light blue sky and watched the first episode of Escape the Night Season 2. And, yeah, I pick up the series again sooner than I thought. It’s the thing about watching with someone else. Personally I wouldn’t last the first season if I had watched alone, but it’s fun watching it together with my younger sister.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I have no plan for tomorrow. Currently I sign up to several online courses on Coursera, though I have only started three of them. My progress is usually slow because I have no pressure to finish it quickly. On Coursera we can reset the deadlines if we miss some assignments’ due dates. Basically I’m still stuck on Week 1 materials for… well, a few weeks. Not like I mind. Just like I said, I have no pressure to finish it quickly.

I can’t wait for July to come. I’ve already finished my bullet journal layout for July. Feel so excited to try it. I keep counting the hours and days. Do you feel excited like me? The weather has been really nice lately.

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