49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 28

Sragen. 21.06.2020.

15.52. Listening to MXM’s Love Me Now.

The time passed by quickly when you’re doing something you enjoy. I spent today watching Escape the Night series on YouTube and playing animal restaurant game (both I and my younger sister are addicted to this game). I dropped Lord of the Flies to read 1Q84 Book Three. A change in routine.

Lately I’ve been worried about my Japanese skill. I try to refresh my memory by using Drops (a language learning app) but while it helps in retaining my vocabulary, I know I need to pay more attention to grammar and kanji (since they’re my weakest points). I’m afraid that college begins, I basically don’t remember anything from the previous semester. It has happened before. I would pick up the pace again after two or three weeks into college, but by then usually it’s already approaching midterm exam.

I left my textbooks in Depok. Which means it’s probably wise for me to download the digital version of the books and review the material before college begins again–which isn’t going to be until at least in early September. More than two months.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s good to study during holiday. I’m still struggling in avoiding burnt out, to change my all-or-nothing mindset. There is still a lot I need to learn, right, being alive?

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