49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 26

Sragen. 19.06.2020.

17:12. Listening to Halsey’s Control.

My hands feels burning. It’s probably because I used my phone too much today. If I have to list everything that went wrong today, the list would be endless. So I need to focus on the good things. Meat as lunch. Get to play hours of gaming. Read The Hidden Oracle. Able to watch one of Chan’s Room (I’m so behind). Finish one section (sub-topic?) of Writing and Editing online course. Music. Never stop being grateful for music.

And last night. The stars. Maybe I saw falling star or it had been just an imagination (I didn’t wear my glasses after all). And sorry, sis, I borrowed your room. The easiest way to get into the roof is via your room’s window after all.

My baby sister’s laughter. The way she pretended to read a book. A connection to my college friends. I miss them so much–how can I survive this year without seeing them again? The fact that I hadn’t had any major breakdown since February (I don’t want to jinx it, but there’s no way I am not grateful for these past few months of emotional stability? Being with family makes a different after all.)

And today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday.

I can’t stop being grateful for it.

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