49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 25

Sragen. 18.06.2020.

16:09. Listening to ONE OK ROCK’s Good Goodbye.

Remember when I said Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard is my least favourite book series from Rick Riordan? I take it back. I am totally into the series now. I practically devoured more than twenty chapters of The Hammer of Thor today. You know that feeling when you can’t just let a book go because you keep wanting to know more and you’ve already got so attached with the characters? That happened to me today.

If you say that’s because I’m in a happier mood, well, maybe yes… but you get the order wrong. I had been feeling irritated when I woke up this morning in the bed beside my grandmother’s this morning. I had been feeling exhausted since at least yesterday. I even talked to a bot on 7 Cups website because I had been so stressed but I didn’t want to talk to real people because I didn’t freaking know what’s wrong (no offense to those who also talk to the bot frequently–she is a good sounding board). And then I decided to toss everything away and just roll with it. Pick up my laptop. Open the book. Drown myself in it because it’s college holiday so let me breathe for a second (don’t remind me that I was the one who tortured myself by keep pilling up work after work day after day). By the time I knew it, it’s already evening.

So hello. Good evening. Should I say goodbye now?

I honestly can’t wait to go back to the book.

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