49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 22

Sragen. 15.06.2020.

15:24. Listening to Bang Yedam’s WAYO.

I am waiting for rain. Isn’t it a good day to wait for a rain? To hope for something cool, something like a blessing? The sky is pretty clear though. Or is it one of the signs that rain will come? Lately, I’ve come realize that I’m so out of touch with my environment. The dust on my bed. Ants lining up on the wall next to the window. The stuffy smell of my cupboard. The folded pages in my book. Will it rain today? Should I open the window? Does it matter?

But it matters. Simple things matter. To change your bed sheet and dust off the dirt. To throw your trash and make the ants leave. To buy refreshment and change up the order in your closet. To treat your book with care, because it’s an extended part of your own life.

Maybe it will rain. Who knows. I rarely check weather forecast lately–no reason to because I barely leave home.

Should I check? Maybe it will do me good.

Remember, little thing matters after all. Sometime little things are the ones that keep you alive.

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