49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 20

Sragen. 13.06.2020.

15:33. Listening to (G)I-DLE’s Lion.

Remember the day when we first met? When I felt relief because I was not alone and you felt excitement because you were not alone. My voice was too quiet for you to hear while your voice held too much energy for me to bear. The day had come to an evening by then and darkness surrounded us. Remember our mentor, who kept her smile for us and tried to make us not awkward. Remember when we had to separate ways by the end of the first day and I wondered whether we would be able to be friends.

It’s almost three years, can’t you believe it? How long and how short. How in one year we might not be able to meet again, and how only in three years I’ve already given so much of myself to you. You’re there in my weakest moment. You’re there in my happiest moment. You’re there when I couldn’t make out the world. You’re there when I believe I can tackle all the challenges in life.

Sometimes I worry that I might not give you enough. Sometimes I worry that I am the only one who benefits from our friendship. Please tell me that’s untrue. Please tell me I give you happiness too.

I never need to tell you to be brave, because you’re the one who gives me courage. I never need to tell you to be happy, because you’re the one who teaches me how to enjoy life. But if you ever need it, lean on me. I want to be able to support you too.

Remember the last night we met? When you hug me and I don’t know how many thank yous will ever pay what you’ve given me. So many memories. So much gratitude. When people talked in so loud voices around us and we whispered to each other, saying farewell.

“Let’s meet again soon. Let’s never forget one another ever.”

I hope I am not the only one who wishes that promise fulfilled.

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