49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 19

Sragen. 12.06.2020.

15:33. Listening to Lauv’s Paris in the Rain.

For my littlest one, who excitedly grasped toward the sky calling for house lizards. Dear one, that’s not where you look for those animals, but is that even important? The glow in your eyes. Smile on your lips. Laughter in the air. Littlest one, look to the left. Take your legs a little bit farther. You’ll find wonder. You’ll find magic. And when you get scared, remember I’m just four steps behind you. Far enough so you can face it bravely alone. Close enough so you can turn away and run into my hands if you want to.

To my littlest one, there is a pale moon amongst the clear blue sky. Just like the sun is not exactly gone when darkness has come. You know in rain I feel the most like myself. Maybe one day you will find whether you love warm sun or drizzly weather more. Right now just enjoy the moment. Life is the greatest when you know how to savour the moment.

Be brave. You don’t need to be alone though. You can turn away and take my hands so we will be able to face it together. The world is not black and white. Be happy. Find magical moments, create wonderful memories. Don’t hold back your tears though. You will soon learn that there is no flower without rain.

Have a good night. Sleep tight. Sweet dream.

I’ll greet you again when tomorrow comes.

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