49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 18

Sragen. 11.06.2020.

15:31 – Listening to ITZY’s ICY.

See? Things work out in the end. You solve your problems. You get through the day. You will be able to face another challenge. You survive. It might not seem that big. It might not be something you can boast about to other people. But be proud. After all, you have achieved something. It’s always better than nothing. Things are never useless.

So hold your head high. Breathe. Next is next, you don’t need to worry about it. See what you can do now, see if you can just march through today.

Because you can. And you will.

Be brave. Happiness is easily found in your heart.

Night will come and it will present you another victory, another proof that you survive–because in the end, things work out.

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