49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 16

Sragen. 09.06.2020.

15:24. Listening to Younha’s Winter Flower (ft. RM).

My phone is fixed. The Writing and Editing online course I signed up on Coursera turns out to be very fun–it even makes me missing college a bit. I paid my internet bill, planning to contact Indihome again tomorrow morning. I am currently working on a short story inspired by ONE OK ROCK’s One Way Ticket. It’s going to be really fun.

I finished The Throne of Fire and Impulse Season 1 this week. Have I talked about it? I’m not sure. I watched a bit of Impulse Season 2 but then decided it will be better for me to drop it. The show has lots of potential, but the drama and sci-fi don’t really blend together. Just my opinion. I will miss Jenna and Townes, but the way Henry (the show’s main character) treated her stepdad in the first episode just… well, it’s too much for me. I’m really interested in what will happen to Lucas though. I mean, the Millers still haven’t killed him–what would they do with him? Adopt him–the killer of their son? Maybe one day I will pick up the series again.

I choose The Serpent’s Shadow and The Hammer of Thor to read next. It’s kind of weird to read two different books from Rick Riordan at the same time. They’re practically in the same universe but with different characters and different gods. It gets confusing sometimes, but it’s also really entertaining.

I don’t know how to end today’s entry. My thoughts keep jumping from one thing to another. The words don’t quite flow. I keep pausing, wondering what I’m going to talk next. If I ponder any longer on this entry, I might delete the entire draft.

So let me say goodbye here. Have a good night.

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