49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 15

Sragen. 08.06.2020.

15:31 – Not listening to anything because the music’s giving headache.

Or I’ve been having headache all day long.

Seriously, I almost decided not to write this entry because I didn’t feel like doing anything. I still don’t. I don’t even want to watch movies or reading book or just lying down with my playlist on. I don’t even want to sleep or go out or just… well, anything. But it’s also not true, because today I have done several things. So I maybe I should applaud myself instead of expecting myself doing several more things.

I just realized that 49 days are long, and that I’m now on day 15, which is a good sign, isn’t it? I have passed the two weeks. In no time, 49 days will go by and I will be left wondering what else I should do with this blog.

But today I’ve done well. I have contacted my internet provider about the monthly bill (I have been trying to end my subscription but they take a really long time to do it). I’ve watched several videos on an online course I sign up for. I contacted my housemate about the annoying problem we have regarding the internet bill. I looked through my blog post idea list and checked what seems good to be doing tomorrow. I’ve done well. I’ve done enough today, I supposed.

So let me congratulate myself, will you? Maybe I just need to get them out of my head and enjoy the rest of the evening. I’ve done well, haven’t I?

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