49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 13

Sragen. 06.06.2020.

15:12. Listening to majiko’s 「ひび割れた世界」。

Things are broken. Don’t blame yourself. Sometimes it can be fixed. Sometimes it takes a long time to fix it. Or maybe it is not meant to be fixed at all. So don’t blame yourself. Do whatever you can, feel the emotions that might overwhelm you, and let it go. Things are meant to broken sometimes.

On the other hand, humans are never broken. You are not broken. You’re just never whole at the first place. And as you live, as you pick up new pieces along the journey, you slowly become the you that you are meant to be. It always takes a long time. You don’t know how many pieces you need to feel whole. You don’t know when all the pieces will come together. But you will be whole, and you’re perfect now.

You’re perfect now, even with the missing pieces.

Be brave even if you feel lost sometimes. Be happy even if it feels hopeless somehow.

You’re perfect now. Take that to your heart and close your eyes tonight.

You’re perfect now.

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