49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 12

Sragen. 05.06.2020.

15:09. Listening to Naotaro Moriyama’s 「今が人生」.

Pull the blanket higher if you’re cold. Light up a candle if it’s too dark. Sing a song when it’s too quiet. Drown yourself in music when it’s too crowded. Write when you’re stressed. Run if you’re frustrated. Take your time. The problem is not going anywhere. The challenge is not moving elsewhere. You have all the time in the world. You will be okay in time. You don’t need to be okay right now. Let the weariness washes over you.

It’s June but the nights are too cold. No matter how many blankets I put over my body, it’s still freezing. I’ll wake up several times through the night and I cannot blame my anxious mind. It’s trying to keep me alive. The fear is speaking too loud, wanting me to be safe. But you know, the nights gonna pass and someday sometime you’ll enjoy the daylight–the sun, the blue sky, the breezy wind.

For now, though, just pull your blanket higher. Light up your candle. Hum your favourite tune. Sink under the comforting melodies. Let the words speak for you. Let your breath catches up with the world.

Take your time. Your courage is not getting anywhere. Your happiness is not moving elsewhere. It is okay not to be okay.

Have a good night and let the universe lend you back your energy.

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