49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 10

Sragen. 03.06.2020.

16:33. Listening to supercell’s Ginirohikousen.

Last night was really cold and I (maybe) caught a cold–unsurprisingly. I knew right away when I woke up freezing this morning that I was up to no big tasks. So I cut down my to-do list to two task–which I could finish with only my phone, on bed. After that I read one chapter of Rick Riordan’s Throne of Fire and fell asleep.

And, yeah, technically I just woke up from that nap. Which is why I’m writing this entry one and a half an hour later than I usually do.

I feel better now. At least I’m no longer freezing. I plan to bring two more blankets for when I sleep at Grandma’s tonight. I don’t know how Grandma can survive the night with only one blanket–that is not even a blanket, just a thin batik. I feel a bit sad that I left all my socks in Depok, except for one that’s currently being washed.

How is the weather in your city? I hope you’re warm enough. The season is unpredictable nowadays. Please do find courage and happiness in small things, even if you might have had a rough day today. Tomorrow is a fresh start, isn’t it?

I wish you a good night.

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