49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 9

Sragen. 02.06.2020.

15:09. Listening to TWICE’s Dance The Night Away (Japanese Ver.).

I’ve been playing all of TWICE’s songs in celebration for their latest comeback this month. Even though I don’t like June (or dry season in particular), the song is especially a nice reminder for the coming college vacation because yeah, FINALLY, college is over. There is a part of me that dreads the holiday because now I have almost nothing on my plate, but I’ll find some fun activities soon. Or, to be honest, I’ve already enrolled two courses on Coursera–and begin one of them this morning. I remember that last year I took Healing with the Arts course and it had been a very inspiring experience. I even joined the Facebook group because the members (or students, in this case) still upload their artworks there from time to time. It’s a good daily dose of creativity.

I have no specific goals for the holiday. Usually I have one or two writing projects I want to finish, but right now I have nothing on my mind. I’m high-key avoiding my current writing projects.

My younger sister is hovering behind me. Unlike me, her exam season has just started. She’s been trying to keep a healthy sleep schedule for it. She usually is a night owl, but since her exams are mostly in the early morning now, she told me she wants to go to bed at 7pm. To do that, she tries hard not to take nap. That’s why I’ve been feeling weird all day, because every time I check up on her she’s awake. I’m still not used to that.

Anyway, I feel happy and excited right now. If you have some activities to recommend for holiday, please chat me! I want to try something out of my comfort zone.

For now, wish you courage and happiness. Have a good night!

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