49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 8

Sragen. 01.06.2020.

15.41 – Listening to ASTRO’s Always You.

I finished the final draft for my last paper. Yeiy. Tomorrow I plan to write the abstract, do the final editing, and submit it to my professor. After that college is practically over. I do still have another class left, but there’s still not news whether the professor will give us a paper assignment for final grade or not. We did some question practices last meeting and they covered everything we’ve learned this semester. So, yeah, maybe no more assignment?

I have trouble writing fiction these past two weeks. There are two storylines I’m currently working on, but neither seem to move anywhere. It’s like the characters refuse to speak to me about their story, so I don’t know what to write. Maybe I need a change of character or plot. Or maybe it’s time to work on something shorter again, like poetry or drabbles. I kinda miss writing drabbles.

I sleep later lately, even though there isn’t much difference. Just one or two hours later than usual. It doesn’t affect my routine much, so I’m going to let it be.

I think writing today’s entry is more difficult than before. I really don’t have much to say. I stil continue watching When the Weather is Fine. I also begin watching Impulse, a YouTube Original series. Oh, I created a May 2020 Favourites playlist on Spotify, maybe the day before yesterday? My top song in May is Blake McGrath’s Instead. Every time that song is playing, I just drop everything. I just want to listen to it over and over again.

For now, I am happy. And I feel brave.

What about you? Do you think tonight you are going to have a good night?

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