49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 7

Sragen. 31.05.2020.

15.17. Listening to (GOT7) Youngjae’s Nobody knows.

It’s weird. My parents are already home. They are not supposed to be back before around 5pm. I am hungry. Today is supposed to be my Artist Date–it still is, I just haven’t begun the date yet. My mind is kinda… patchy.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new month. You don’t know how many times I use that sentence since last year. I am always excited when it comes to new month. New bullet journal theme, new goals, new spread. Maybe if I can treat everyday like a new beginning–or maybe every second–life will be so much more exciting.

Ah, my parents are leaving again. I guess they’re back only for prayer.

I’m in the mood for some sad stories, but I don’t have any short stories recommendation. I’m more into novels these past years. During middle school and high school, I was pretty big into short stories and fanfics. I remember there were days when I opened my laptop right after waking up and said to my roommate that I was in the mood for some angst. She looked pretty perplexed (laugh).

I don’t have much I want to say today. Or maybe I do, I just don’t want to share it through this platform or right now. I have some good sentences lining up before though–about half an hour before I began writing this entry. Something that goes like this: “There is an emptiness that cannot be filled except with writing. There is some sort of stuffiness in my heart that only can be carved out with writing. Somehow, it’s like pouring out emotions and breathing in life at the same time.”

I meant to begin today’s entry with those sentences, but suddenly the words were gone when I faced the empty white space. Maybe one day I will write something to continue those lines. Until then be brave, be happy.

Tonight’s going to be a good night, I think.

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