49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 5

Sragen. 29.05.2020.

15.43. Listening to TXT’s Run Away.

I finished reading The Bend in Redwood Road by Danielle Stewart and right now feel so satisfied. I am glad everything works out in the end. I am surprised though that the novel is actually a part of a series and there are two more books following it. I’ll check the blurbs sometime and see if I’m interested to read them too.

I am having a headache right now. Probably dehydration. My father and younger sister are fasting today, and even though I am not, I feel like eating is not allowed. Every time I pick up my water bottle and walk to the dining room, I feel like I shouldn’t. Weird. Maybe it’s the effect of fasting during Ramadhan. My body hasn’t caught up with the new routine yet.

By the way, I totally fail yesterday’s paper. I mean, I don’t know how my professor will grade my paper, but I was 1000 words short on the requirement. I ended up going to bed by nine p.m. last night, after spending more than an hour wondering what else I could add to the assignment. I had came up with nothing, so I just sent the assignment as it was. I probably won’t fail the class, but the grade won’t be pretty. I’m not even regretting it.

It seems like it is going to rain today. Cloudy sky. Breezy weather. My favourite. And it is Friday night–things can’t be more perfect.

So pull your blanket and reach for your favourite afternoon reading.

Keep being brave. Be happy, too.

I wish you a good night.

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