49 Days Journal Challenge – Day 4

Sragen. 28.05.2020.

15.45. Listening to LANDOKMAI’s On the Train.

The day is far from over. I have 4000 words left on my Japanese Contemporary History paper and less than nine hours before the deadline. All is well. I am pulling an all-nighter tonight, for the first time in months. Strange as it sounds, I’m not into all-nighter at all. Having bipolar and all means I have to prioritize sleep over anything, even if it means submitting low quality assignment or skipping next morning’s exam material. And even though I said I’m pulling an all-nighter tonight, believe me when I further say that I’m going to go to bed by eleven p.m. Your girl is a work of miracle.

I don’t want to blame my tendency to procrastinate, though. While I’m not doing as hard-core as my friends are doing currently, I still put efforts on my assignment–if overthinking about it for days before I finally get down to work counts as efforts. Quoting from Stray Kids’s most encouraging song (My Pace), “There’s no need to rush, my pace. Don’t compare yourself with others. It’s okay to run slower. Just follow my lane.

I’m not supporting procrastination, just saying that it’s okay even if you don’t match up the pace with people around you.

Today I did not do much aside from working on my paper. I babysat (is this even correct?) my baby sister, did some reading, and uploaded a new post on “In Dialogue” section. I really recommend reading Big Magic if you have time. And if you don’t, I hope you could kindly spare some time to read the quotes collection I’ve shared on this blog. See if some of the quotes spark inspiration for you.

After writing this entry, I plan to de-stress a bit by continuing watching When the Weather is Fine, which is my current obsession lately. Brew yourself some tea (or coffee) and enjoy the evening.

Be brave. Be happy.

Don’t forget to wish for a good night.

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